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Acting Beyond the Deal

Fiabilis Consulting Group is an international group specialized in payroll audit and consulting.

In 8 countries between Europe and South America, our 150+ experts and consultants assist companies in controlling and optimising employee-related costs, as well as in the prevention and proactive management of risks associated with social legislation.

Adding value to your payroll

By questioning rules, habits and checking inertia, Fiabilis Team helps your team and your company to go further, to secure potential risks, to use opportunities, to get refunds, to save costs and then to be more profitable. Together we share knowledge, experience, projects, and profits to improve day after day your performance.

Improvers of the
social security system efficiency

Regarding social law and labor costs, balancing the relationship between public institutions and private companies is our aim. 

Thus, we improve the efficiency of the whole social security system.

Our people culture values:


Looking forward with a disruptive eye, from different perspective to find new opportunities or strategies.


Being curious leads us to such an in-depth knowledge of our area of action allowing us to think out of the box.

Humans in action

Making grow our expertise listening to your experience.

Beyond the deal

Engaging by your side to find greater unexpected results. We act with you beyond the deal.

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